Construction Services

The construction services division enables Ironwood Building Systems to function as an innovative design-builder. Since Ironwoods inception, our hands-on approach has provided clients with enhanced quality control and project delivery. Members of our construction team include project managers, skilled labourers, apprentices, licensed journeyman, and construction managers. Working in project-based teams, the combined skill and experience of these members ensures an efficient and affordable construction process. Ironwood construction services also operate as a general contractor, working with a large network of sub-contractors. Construction and general contractor services are available both locally through our Calgary-based construction division, and province-wide through our dealer network.

Design Services

One key to the success of Ironwood Building Systems is our design team’s technical expertise. Working in an integrated environment, our engineering, design and technical-staff have the level of experience necessary to provide accurate and timely design services, adapt to constantly evolving construction technologies and work within a wide range of design specifications to create unique design solutions that will satisfy virtually any building requirement.


Working with the three main building Systems, we are able to provide solutions for a multitude of design problems, including firewalls, high insulation values, low maintenance finishes and the flexibility for future expansion. The design team also has the ability to enhance the main structural Systems to fit many architectural requirements. For example, Ironwood carries a wide variety of unique metal cladding products, ranging from hidden fastener systems to curved panels, all available in wide variety of colours and profiles. In addition, our design team can incorporate precast concrete panels, structural insulated panels, surface accents, custom facades, stucco cladding and panels, and brick, stone and wood products to increase a project’s design possibilities.