Building Systems

Ironwood Building System’s Wood-Steel, All-Steel and Combination structural systems provide design and occupant flexibility. These engineered systems result in structural and construction efficiency while providing occupants the ability to mold the system to suit their design ideas and end-use needs. The systems provide the ability to combine the features of pre-engineered buildings with both conventional and innovative building technologies that result in the best solutions possible for our client’s building needs. 

Features & Benefits

Ironwood’s three systems incorporate many unique structural design features. For example, our straight steel column design provides maximum open interior space. This enables un-obstructed machinery and occupant traffic flows, flexibility in furniture, shelving, equipment and overhead fixture placement, and increases the useable floor area for stacking merchandise and bridge crane accessibility in industrial occupancies. Our open web steel trusses provide the strength required for a variety of roof systems and live loads. With clear span distances up to 160 feet or more, the trusses provide maximum, un-obstructed interior floor area. Furthermore, intermediate columns in combination with open web trusses could create a building of virtually any size. Secondary framing systems offer the choice between steel, wood or a combination of the two. Steel secondary framing provides long bay spans and meets non-combustible construction requirements. Wood secondary framing creates high insulation values and substantial cost savings in framing and finishing.  

Diversity & Affordability

While the Straight Truss, Straight column, and steel and wood secondary framing designs are standard for Ironwood’s building packages, their multi-disciplinary design team can create a unique structural system that will satisfy their client’s building requirements. These unique systems can include, but are not limited to, the incorporation of OSB Structural Insulated Panels and Precast Concrete Panels. Finally, the affordability of Ironwood’s structural systems leaves more of the project budget free for architectural treatments and upgrading interior finishes.